USB mini fridge review and buying guide

Nowadays we must have to say our life easier and more enjoyable than a decade. That’s all possible through technological advancement. Today we will talk about a USB mini fridge that came with various convince. Let’s have a check our “USB mini fridge review” and see how it can effective for you.

At first, keep in mind.  You can use it as a conventional fridge because it operates the same way as others.

Anyway, the biggest advantage of this fridge its portability. It can contain your cold drinks during travels or on your home that’s mean you are constantly enjoyable whatever you go with your favorite drinks.

The biggest part of this USB mini fridge it’s provides you the opportunity to get this without null your bank account. Because it’s a pretty affordable price.

So let’s drive on how the USB mini fridge works? It’s a pretty much simpler function. This fridge is powered by USB; that’s a feature and it allows you to use this fridge away from the main power source. This way, you can go to your office, or travel or anywhere without worry about enjoying a chilled drink.

Now take a look at a mini-fridge we have tested and why we recommend you this one.

We got this Cooluli Mini Fridge at wide specification convince features even at a reasonable price. So let’s check an out the features and specification bellow and how it helps you.


Cooluli USB Mini Fridge features and specification


This cooluli mini-fridge came in 4 Liter capacity. And its dimension is 7.25″ W x 10.25″ D x 10.75″ H which makes it perfectly portable. You don’t need to worry about weight because it’s super lightweight, it’s only 1.8 kilograms. One another thing that should be mentioned its inner dimension is 5.3″ L x 5.7″ D x 8.3″ H.


This device’s design is appealing that will certainly flexible on your style. In another word, this exclusive design on this fridge enables you to easily carry it anywhere. It has one shelves the middle of this fridge and makes them two compartments via dividing.

Thermo-electric system

First, let’s know what thermo-electric is and how it works. The thermoelectric effect is the direct conversion of the temperature to electric voltage and vice versa via a thermocouple. When around your USB mini fridge’s both sides have different temperatures then thermo-electric will create a voltage.

Heating one end of thermoelectric material causes the electron to start to move from the hot side to the colder side. And this way it constantly working.

On this USB mini-fridge, you don’t need to be worried that might your drinks can getting hot away. It has the power to keep your drinks cool until you plugged it anywhere.

The carried capacity of this fridge

As it’s a mini-fridge of course you have limited space, right? But it’s fairly enough to keep your drinks while you are in office, travel, away whatever you are. It can contain up to 4 liters or 6 cans, this amount of drinks is sustainable for you. While you are traveling this mini fridge can save significant time that you might invest to purchase some cold drinks.

Advanced technology

As earlier, we mentioned this mini fridge works with simple functions so there not much anymore to be noted. But yes, its semiconductor uses the latest technology which is really energy efficient and of course your environment friendly. So you can use it without any hassle.

Also, it came with ECHO mode, which adjusts the temperature and helps to increase the battery life.

Charging type

This is the biggest advantage part of this fridge. You can power it in three ways. And honestly, we couldn’t find this power advantages in any other types of the fridge. Once you are on travel and take your fridge on the car that’s not all of the responsibilities. You have to consider the power source before you take the fridge. In general, it’s a little hassle to run a fridge from your vehicle batteries. Because there is a great chance to drain your car battery quickly and require you to cost money for a new battery. But with this mini fridge, you don’t need to be worried about power. It can be run and performing well if you could just connect it to your car’s mobile charging USB cable or a power bank. Even it can be connected to your laptop’s USB port!

Moreover, this fridge has a 12 volt DC power cable. That means, if you have a solar system on your car or home or your camping place then you can simply power this mini fridge from your solar DC battery.

Lastly, it has a common AC power cable just like another conventional refrigerator in your kitchen. So you can simply use your house’s electric board and charge it directly.

Warmer feature

I called this part is an interesting part. Because conventionally we see a refrigerator can store our perishable foods and protect them from spoiling. And this all done through a lower temperature that could be 400 F to 320 F. Also the temperature requires 00 F to protect our frozen foods. That’s all mean a refrigerator provides a cool temperature. Right?

But this USB mini-fridge came in cool and hot mode. That is what I find very interesting about this product and that’s why I called it an interesting part. I’m sure, you will also find it too.

So, you can use this warm feature during your snack time. I use it to warm my pizza and sandwich and I find it sustainable useful this warm feature.

In the last word, we will including the downside and upside of this mini fridge what we got during using times.


Upside and Downside of Cooluli USB Mini Fridge


  1. Lightweight and sustainable drinks, snacks able to contain
  2. Comes up with 3 ways power (Ac, Dc, and USB)
  3. Reliable and flexible as a portable device
  4. It’s cooling power we got to like our regular fridge
  5. Price is cheap with its features


We couldn’t find many downsides to this awesome product

  1. It was just a bit more noise when we use it from AC electric board but it’s absolutely fine, even it’s less than noise from your laptop’s cooling fan.


Use of USB mini fridge

In the meanwhile, you may be thinking that you can only use this fridge to keep drinks and you can enjoy your chilled time. If so, that is wrong just forgot it. And let’s drive in depth what else we can store and how!

In another hand, we can use this mini-fridge to store foods, beer, snacks, breast milk, insulin, skincare, and medications. Can you imagine it, how it’s important in our daily life? Hopefully, you cover it’s important and it will defiantly help you.


Buying guide

Dear readers, we have some suggestions you to consider before going to purchase this product although there are not many things to be noted to make this purchase. Just what we can say if you love your chilled time and love to especially travel then it could be your final choice.



Can I put my USB mini-fridge in the cabinet?

Answer: Of course, you can. But one thing you should keep remember, every fridge needs proper ventilation. So if you can ensure the ventilation then you can put your fridge whatever you want. If you couldn’t manage the place without ventilation, then your fridge will not be able to be properly cold as it will warm significantly instead of cool.


Does a USB mini fridge a lot of electricity?

Answer: Regarding our test on a USB mini-fridge. The answer is of course not. Because a USB mini fridge can run with a USB power that is equal to our mobile charging. That not too much and it came with ECO mode to well-performing in energy saving.


How does a USB fridge work?

Answer: The USB mini fridge could be used on your home, office, camping, travel, van life ETC. As it portable and super easy to carries due to its lightweight. It can be run from your power bank, the laptop USB port doesn’t require a large battery

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