Koldfront wine fridge review and buying guide

You might hear about store wine can have a big impact on its taste, flavor, quality, and durability. We shouldn’t store wine anywhere as there is a great chance for temperature fluctuation. As it can change your wine flavor through unwanted oxygen allowing on your bottles. In that case, the wine fridge came here to prevent oxidation by storing wines at a fixed optimal temperature. At present, if you always stocked many wines at your house then it’s time to get a wine fridge to store them under an optimal temperature.

Today, we will talk about the koldfront wine fridge which came with dual-zone wine cooler features. We purchased this fridge as its five-star rating at amazon. We find it great efficient and reliable.

koldfront wine fridge review

Koldfront fridge – the setup process

This koldfront 24- bottle wine cooler fridge is very handy to setup. Just the handle you have to attach using Philips screwdriver. This fridge already self-attach itself, you have to make sure your floor is leveled if not you have to level your floor first. This is an important part of setup the fridge, you can’t leave this step. Neither your wine will not be store correctly. You can use your smartphone app to measure the floor level.

It’s a freestanding wine fridge. We find this note many times in the instruction manual book and amazon’s items description. That mean, you must have extra space around the fridge when setup for ventilation purpose. Generally, it required 2-3 Inches space on each side (Left-right-top). And at the backside 3-4 Inches space is required. The instruction manual recommended keeping clearance 5-inch space on both sides including top and backside 10 Inches space. We put our fridge in middle and don’t find any issues with ventilation.

To get optimal operation it’s also recommended to keep the fridge around 78 degrees. Keep it at moderate temperature, as long as you keep it at moderate temperature and away from heat like oven, grill it will work fine. We setup this fridge in our kitchen room, you can setup it in any of the rooms in your house.

If your floor is carpeted, we suggest you use something under this fridge like large and sturdy tile. When you plugged this appliance and it’s starting operation then you will hear a bit of sound although it’s audible. But standing from this fridge only a few feet the sound fade into the background.

Koldfront wine fridge-performance

It’s most important to test a wine cooler to see if the temperature stays optimal and it’s preserved your wine quality and tastes. In that case, we invite some of our friends to compare the quality of the wines which we store in our koldfront wine fridge. We use red and white wines. They finally find their tastes better.

In our case, we see white wines befitted by storing them at refrigeration although most wine expert says it’s very cold. As this fridge came with dual zones so we can set temperature for particular shelves that’s the function we love it very much. We can set a different temperature for our red and white wines, finally, they can stay at the recommended temperature which you like little cold or not.

Koldfront wine fridge – features

The most important part of this fridge we found its dual-zone temperatures. As we drink red and white wine and we know red and white wine needs to store in different temperatures. This dual-zone feature covers it perfectly. The top zone can be set between 44-66 degrees which ideal for storing red wine. On other hand, the bottom zone can be set between 46-66 degrees that’s ideal for white wine but you can also keep red wine as well. No difference in tastes and quality on red and white under the bottom zone.

This appliance uses thermoelectric cooling technology to keep the wine chilled. This technology makes any appliance quiet and energy-efficient. If you are someone, who only drinks white wine you might be disappointed with the top zone temperature controlling limitation.

Moreover, it came with a touch screen pad where we can control the interior LED lamp temperature handy. Its located in front of this fridge. To control temperature we just had to press the up and down button from the touchpad and let the wine cooler to be chill at this desired temperature. You can get confirmation that this temperature reaches through flashing a few times. Afterward, the present temperature will show you on the display. Then you can go up or down again if you wondering to change the new desired temperature in this same way.

Regarding the temperature, the koldfront recommended waiting at least 24 hours to be adjusted. But minor change will not take a longer time to adjust at our checked it takes a few minutes.

We should safe wines from our children. This wine cooler also has a lock feature on the bottom line. It’s very useful to keep safe our children from drunks.

Koldfront wine fridge – design

We can say in a single word this design is modern and sleek. The stainless steel and door glass give it a modern touch. Especially if you have other stainless steel appliances in your home then it gives you modern touch. We like the looks and its working functions. It came with an interior LED lamp which makes it handy to see the inside what wines left. Besides, it’s showing what temperate currently carries out each zone.

This fridge used wooden shelves which looking so beautiful, each shelf can hold three wine bottles. It required to open this cooler’s door in 180 degrees to pull each shelf out enough to put wine bottle. During install or remove the shelve you have to apply this same process. That’s although easy to do but it’s required to keep extra space on the right side of this fridge.

Koldfront wine fridge – cleaning

The cleaning process is very handy. We should use a slightly damp cloth and wiped down-inside-outside. Sometimes, it makes an issue during cleanup if it’s makeover frosts indoor of shelves and sides. It is rare to find, koldfront notes if you have over the humidity in your environment you may face these issues.



If you are a person who loves various types of wines such as red and white. You can choose this appliance to store your wine at a proper temperature. So it’s a great deal to get a koldfront wine fridge. It came dual-zone which can operate optimal temperature for your red and white wines


Buying guide

It’s a bit large appliance, so considers the setup space size if this fits for you or not. Make sure you have some additional space around the fridge. As it required some extra space for proper ventilation. You can also put it on your carpeted floor.



Which brand wine cooler is best?

Answer: It’s difficult to know the best wine cooler without using them. In that case, we purchased a klodfront wine fridge which performing well for us. We find it very efficient and reliable with great features.

Can you put a wine cooler in a closet?

Answer: Every wine cooler required ventilation space. If you don’t give it enough space for proper ventilation, your wine cooler will completely stop working. That’s means, you can’t put the wine cooler in the closet.

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