How to Store Beer Bottles in Fridge – Learn proper way

You might want to crack open a cold beer on a scorching hot day, but if you store your beer incorrectly, then this may lead to some disappointment. Like a fine wine, an aged beer can also taste better if you store it correctly. Here are some effective steps in regard to how to store beer bottles in fridge.

how to store beer bottles in fridge.

Store your beer in the correct position

This is key if you are planning to store your beer for a longer duration. Are you someone who ordinarily stores beer on its side? Well, you should rectify this, as this is actually a mistake. Yes, beer should be ideally stored upright. Even brewers like Chimay recommends that it should be stored this way. Storing upright is the perfect position for allowing the yeast to settle at the bottom of the bottle. Another thing to take into consideration is that modern corks don’t usually dry out or soak up air. With that said, you should have no concerns about storing beer bottles on their side. If the beer touches a cork over a long period of time, then you can actually end up with a bit of a spoiled drink, and we really don’t want that now, do we? When beer bottles are stored upright it also oxidizes less when compared to storing them sideways. This all assures that we can keep our precious beer good for longer.

Store beer away from the light

Ultraviolet and blue LED lights do nothing but contribute to spoiling beer sooner. With that said, it’s best to store your beers in a dim or dark area. Choosing green and especially brown bottles is a good way to avoid such a beer tragedy, as such coloured bottles help the beer from becoming light struck. If you follow all of our guidance, then hopefully cracking open a beer will give you the taste that you deserve.

Pick the correct storage temperature

When beer gets too hot, it starts spoiling. With that said, your best bet is to keep beer at cool but not frozen temperatures. Freezing beer is a habit that some enjoy, although, if you desire a perfect tasting beer, it’s really not a good idea. Once defrosted the beer cells just never seem to return to what they once were, spoiling the taste somewhat. In that case, suitable storage places include a beer cellar or a mini beer refrigerator. If you plan to keep your beer in the fridge for a long duration of time, then this may sadly impact the taste of the beer. Storing it in such a dehydrating environment for a lengthy time period will eventually result in the cork tarnishing your poor beer.

  • The majority of beers are best stored at a constant temperature of 500 F to 550 F (100 C to 12.80 C).
  • Many strong higher alcohol content beers such as “barleywines, triples, dark ales” can benefit mostly from being stored at room temperature, a temperature of around 550 F to 600 F (12.80 C to 15.50 C)
  • Many common and mid-range beers such as “bitters, IPAs, lambics, stouts, doppelbocks, etc” are best stored around 50ºF to 55ºF (10°C-12.8°C), which is the kind of temperatures that you’ll find in a cellar.
  • Some lighter alcohol content beers like “lagers, pilsners, wheat beers, milds, low-cal, etc” they benefit from a refrigerator temperature around 45ºF to 50ºF (7.2°C-10°C)
  • Don’t have a dedicated fridge or cellar to storage your beer bottles at around 500 F to 550 F temperature? Then drink them soon!


How long can beer be stored for?

This is a question particularly for those who are looking to age their beer. There are many beers in the world that have a wide array of use by dates. Most brewers sadly don’t have a proper idea as to how long their brews can be aged for. This ranges widely from 6-8 months to 25 years. It all depends on the storage method, brand, and quality of the beer. If you are wanting to age a beer but have no such recommendation from a brewer, then you simply have to experiment yourself. It’s all very much trial and error, but at least many can try this without worrying about throwing too much money away in the same way that you might feel if you end up with a ruined expensive wine.

  • Keep in mind, only imported beer can be stored for up to a year, while American beer is limited to around four to six months. With that said, start with the use by date, and experiment with some caution based on this.
  • It will normally be indicated in any marketing if a specialist beer is made for long keeping. Some of these drinks only develop their intended taste when stored for, say, 2 to 5 years. You could always ask the retailer for some friendly advice if you can’t see any guidelines on the bottle.
  • Beer with more than 7 percent alcohol is better for aging
  • Have you just had a bad aged beer? Well, get that horrible taste out of your mouth with opening up a new bottle of one of your favorite beers

Consider keeping a handy beer report

During purchasing any beer, you should ideally buy at least two bottles, one to crack open and taste straight away, and the other to store and do some experimental aging with. In this way, you are able to compare the taste, determining what has changed during the aging process, be it the taste, texture, flavor range and depth, as well as its head quality. Keeping notes about all of these things in your own personal beer report is highly recommended.

You have an opened beer bottle?

Just drink it straight way as we don’t really recommend you storing it again. The carbonation will evaporate, leading to an unsatisfactory flat beer. Even if you drink it the next day, you’ll most likely be disappointed in the lifeless taste of the beer.

Thanks for reading our guide about “how to store beer bottles in fridge” as we write suitable and efficient ways you will benefit from if you are to follow these steps religiously.


What is the proper way to store beer?

Answer: If you really don’t have the free space in your fridge, you can choose any dark or dim space to store your beer. You should never store them in too high temperatures, and also a way from direct sunlight.

Can I store beer on its side?

Answer: In general, actually no, you can’t because storing beer on its side lead to a “yeast ring,” a line of sediment that sticks to the bottle as opposed to the yeast settling at the bottom of it, which is the way that it should be for optimum taste. With that said, you should definitely store beer bottles upright if at all possible

Is it OK to store beer at room temperature?

Answer: Yes, many beers allow you to keep them at temperature 72-degree F. Check the beer bottle label for guidance.

How do you keep a bottle of beer fresh after opening?

Answer: We suggest you to drink it instantly and we don’t recommend returning it to storage, but if you really need to do this, you can do so for the maximum duration of one week. Just keep it in upside-down in the refrigerator with the lid screwed back on.

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