How to reset Samsung fridge | Step by step guide

Before we drive on “How to reset Samsung fridge” It’s more important to know Samsung refrigerator comes up with some smartest cooling system unites around. Such as, touch pad, digital display, awesome features, they offer reliable and efficient service which enough to be a smart living.

Anyway, sometimes we face a moment where we have to reset our refrigerator having various reason. If you are here to know “how to reset Samsung fridge” or you’re concerned to feel it could be an issues by pressing wrong buttons. If so, just take a rest. We would love to help you.


Where the reset button is are located?

The reset button can be found in three difference place based on models and series. It can be found front side of your fridge, or directly on the control panel, or behind the ice dispenser.

Sadly we couldn’t found a reset button for all Samsung refrigerators. Commonly we found it on the refrigerator which came with at least Ice dispenser or water dispenser or both. The reset button will help you to get working its default setting.

If you find your fridge came with a water dispenser, then once you change the water filter it will be easy to find the reset button.

Important to remember, Samsung refrigerator comes up with self-diagnose that mean when a system error occur it will simply detected.

Once a system error detected it will show you an error code through its display panel. So you have to well understanding about all error codes to know what exactly need to do when an error code you seen.

To know what goes wrong and what next you have to do it’s important for you to check Samsung error code directly from Samsung troubleshooting web page:

As Samsung brand comes up with latest technology especially for their Refrigerator appliance. At this way, if a minor error detected it will fix its self after sometimes. But if that not, kindly follow our solution that we have listed below.


When you supposed to reset your Samsung refrigerator?

We have added some common sings. Once you find them, you have to reset your refrigerator and get them working again.

Inconsistent temperature display

The temperature could be display inconsistent, blinking faster than normal or it’s just not working at all.

There are various reason behind it’s. Like, the door could be not properly close, or you keep the door opened for longer time.

Even, it could be a reason if you keep some hot food indoor of the fridge as it’s always suggest let some time to get food cool  before you store them on your fridge.

Refrigerator still in demo mode

It could be a reason that your refrigerator might be at demo mode. Which mode usually keep turn on in its showroom.

At this way, the fridge will on and lighting will be on as well and it seems to be working but actually not. Eventually the compressor will not run, so no cooling mode is enable and ice maker and water dispenser will not work.

Generally, this mode keep for potential customers. So they can see all nice features without cooling operation and finally purchase. It’s also call shop mode.

Also, in your regular use, just accidently you may pressed demo mode

If that is an issue for you, you have to reset your Samsung refrigerator.


Reset Samsung refrigerator: General hard reset

  • Turn your refrigerator off and unplug from power outlet

This very simple method works for our smart phone and laptop even maybe for your refrigerator also.

We haven’t any idea, why this tricks working but this method really works well to cool down and reboot and refresh the device.

At your Samsung Refrigerator, simply press the power off button and turn it off then unplug power cord from power outlet.

  • Wait sometimes

To get it settle and refresh give enough time, simply take it way for 10-15 minutes. Even some expert recommend to keep it turn of around 24 hours. So if that’s not works for you, you may give a try after 24 hours.

  • Plug it back to a working outlet

Once the refrigerator turn on it will rebalance and recalibrated itself.


How you can reset demo mode to working mode of your Samsung Refrigerator

To get off demo mode of your Samsung refrigerator simply press Energy saver and freezer buttons simultaneously and keep holing for 10 seconds. During pressing this buttons kindly keep in mind, this way you can only reset your Samsung refrigerator which came from 2014 or older version.

After 2014 all Samsung refrigerator to get off demo mode, you have to press and hold 10s. Energy saver, freezer, and lighting buttons at the same times.

Once you see the current temperature reading on its display then you can get confirmed the demo mode successfully deactivated.

Reset Samsung refrigerator: Control panel

You have to press power cool and power freezer buttons simultaneously and keep holding 10 seconds. Once you see the numbers are reset on its display then hold out the press.

If you see, the control panel nothing displaying or both buttons are not working, no worried.

There is a child lock on your refrigerator and it could be activated or it could be a system error. If the child lock is on simply disable it first then try to reset your control panel.

To disable child lock simply press and hold child lock button for few seconds. If you couldn’t find the step kindly check the user manual came from manufacture with your Samsung refrigerator.

Reset your control panel in another way

You can also reset the control panel handy through a reset button which might located top right door at front side of your fridge. Simply press the reset button to off then again press and on. Once you done, unite will reboot and you will also see the Samsung logo appear in the panel.

In case, this method doesn’t work for you, simply wait sometimes after off the switch and turn on it again.

Reset your Samsung refrigerator: wire harness

At this way, the display panel will blink and give you an error code and it indicate a communication error with its door and control unit.

A wire harness connecting issue could be occur here.

No worried, it will give you an error code, simply check the code and try to solve as mentioned manufacture’s guide.

If you can’t gather enough knowledge to connecting wire harness kindly call to an expert and get a hassle free solution.

What’s next? After reset

Most of time, once you reset your refrigerator using any method it will normally solved your issues but you have to double check everything.

Once you seen your appliance works well just check them next few days if they performing well: you are all set. Excellent job.



How can I reset my Samsung French door refrigerator?

Answer: To reset your Samsung French door refrigerator simply press power freezer and cool buttons and hold for few second until you hear a beep. Once you hear the beep that man your fridge got reset.


How to reset compressor of my fridge?

Answer: Find out the power cord that located behind of your fridge, simply disconnect the power cord from power outlet. Turn off freezer and fridge both control and set them 0. Adjust the fridge and freezer control setting. Allow your fridge around 24 hours to get it right everything.


Why your Samsung refrigerator not cooling?

Answer: Most of time, we found the main reason for not cooling your Samsung refrigerator because of it’s evaporate fans blocked by ice. You have to check and make sure the evaporate fans working well also check fans blade it could be blocked by Ice. If so simply clean them using a plastic spoon.


All refrigerator have a reset button?

Answer: Sadly sorry, nope. All refrigerator doesn’t offer a reset button but most of time we found a reset button in a fridge which comes up with an Ice and water dispenser. Once you press reset button it won’t take more than 30 seconds to get reset and solve minor issues.

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