How to Clean Refrigerator Water Dispenser | A Step-By-Step Guide

How to Clean Refrigerator Water DispenserYes, to have a hydrated life, a water dispenser can be highly beneficial. But have you ever thought that your water dispenser could get dirty too? If it is so, the water or ice you get is not healthy!

And so, you should learn how to clean the refrigerator water dispenser! Today, we have come up with an easy vinegar water-dispenser cleaning method. You will be amazed to see how easy it is!

Check it out and keep your life not only hydrated but also healthy!

Step By Step Refrigerator Water Dispenser Cleaning

Here’s the step-by-step process for you.

Step 1: Water Supply Disconnection

Water filter keeps your water clean, but water can get dirty even in the dispenser too! Like the inline refrigerator water filter, the dispenser is essential as the grime inside it pollutes the water. The water can run slow too!

First of all, you have to make sure that you have disconnected the water supply. You cannot clean the water dispenser if there is continuous water flow.

When you disconnect it, you are free to use vinegar. For this, you have to go through the valve and turn it off.

Locate the screw that is holding the copper tubing. All you have to do is remove it. If you do this, you can quickly get your hands on the end of the tubing.

And eventually, you can use vinegar there for cleaning the dispenser properly.

Step 2: The Right Vinegar Selection

Let us tell you, we don’t just eat vinegar, but we can wash with vinegar. Yes, you can clean things with vinegar.

But in terms of cleaning the water dispenser of your fridge, you have to make sure that you are using distilled white vinegar.

This distilled white vinegar is excellent in cleaning. But the benefit of using it is it is consumable too!

No matter how careful you are while cleaning, parts of vinegar will be left behind. But even if you consume it, it’s no big deal!

Step 3: Vinegar Cleaning

In this process, you have to take a small funnel and push it to the copper tubing end.

As a result, you can quickly get into the water dispenser. Remember that you intend to clean not only the outside but the inside too!

Now that the funnel has reached, you have to clean it with vinegar. On the other end of the tube, you have to put a few cups of vinegar.

As a result, the vinegar will run to the water dispenser reservoir. However, you have to wait for some time so that the vinegar can reach the other end.

For better results, you can also tape the tube and go for propping it. Keep the tube in an upright position.

In this way, vinegar will only get inside the water dispenser and not drain back to you!

Step 4: Wait, Wait and Wait

Now, it is your time to wait for it! You have to wait for the vinegar to sit there. You cannot expect it to go inside and clean the refrigerator water dispenser in seconds.

Wait for a few minutes. After five minutes, you have to search for a container. Check the water dispenser nozzle and position the container or pit under it.

Hold it firm so that it doesn’t fall. Remember that there will be the force of the vinegar. Now that you are done with the preparation, you have to go for the dispenser button and press it.

After pressing it, the fridge will dispense the vinegar, just like water. As a result, vinegar will come out of the dispenser washing the whole system by itself!

Don’t take your hands off the button. Keep pressing it until all the vinegar from the inside has got out. When your reservoir is empty, leave the button!

Step 5: Clean the Nozzle

You are already done with cleaning the inside portion of the water dispenser of your refrigerator.

Now, you have to check out the nozzle of the dispenser. Here, you will need a toothbrush. Make sure that the brush is clean.

Also, it is better if it has soft bristles to keep the nozzle scratch-free. After this, you have to use the brush to scrub the nozzle area.

Go through all the visible parts, spout area, and the tubing; you have to dip the brush in vinegar and scrub the nozzle.

It is better if you have a narrow brush. It can easily get into the straws and the partway inside the tubing for a perfect cleaning.

Step 6: Rinsing

After you are done cleaning the nozzle and the inside portion with vinegar, you have to use water.

In this step, again, you have to take the vinegar out of the reservoir. After you are done, you can reconnect the water supply.

First of all, screw the copper tubing in its place. And then, you can easily turn the water valve on.

As a result, water will start flowing again through the refrigerator system. Let the water flow.

Then, you have to empty the whole container again under the dispenser nozzle. After emptying, you can rerun fresh water.

All you need to do is push the button once more, and there will be freshwater!

Certify that you run this process so that the additional vinegar left in the reservoir will get out, and there will only be clean water!

Step 7: Exterior Cleaning

So, you have already cleaned the nozzles and the inner space. Let us go through the outer portion now.

If your refrigerator has a lock button, you have to ensure that you have engaged it. In this process, you can clean it without making the floor flooded.

Now, take a soft sponge. Make sure that you have soaked the sponge in a water-vinegar mixture.

After this, wipe the whole outer surface properly. Pour the mixture in a spray bottle to make the process easier.

Remove the tray and clean it. Clean the whole exterior part and then use a clean cloth to clean the vinegar. And you are done!

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Wrap Up

Cleaning the water dispenser is not tricky. However, it would help if you had time to clean it. Many of you ask how to clean refrigerator water dispensers, and the process we have mentioned will help you out!

Remember, you have to be patient while going through the process. The inner parts of your refrigerator are vulnerable. So, handle them with care.

Also, comment below about your water dispenser cleaning struggle! How do you clean it? Please share it with us!

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