How often should you clean your fridge water dispenser?

Having a refrigerator with a water dispenser helps us to stay thirst less by supplying pure water when we need it. It takes out heavy minerals, bacteria, and other contaminants and dispatches pure water on our water tap.

In fewer words, when we use a water dispenser on our fridge. We can get rid of all those contaminants.

But can you imagine it needs proper maintenance? It a part of our refrigerator we should do proper maintenance. If we not, it’s simple to know it will affect the dispenser’s regular works. It’s important to ensure it supplies us pure water, not contaminants.

So in that case, you already understand you need to maintain a proper clean of your water dispenser to get pure water. Right? But you may be wondering to know how often should you clean your fridge water dispenser? We will cover everything periodically. Let’s know the depth of why you should clean the water dispenser.


Why you should clean the water dispenser?

A water dispenser is the first key equipment in our house. We find something around our home very important like a refrigerator for storing our foods, internet connection to keep communication to over the world.

Besides a water dispenser also very important even like this one. You want your whole family members to be healthy and that means the responsibilities of providing clean drinking water.

Contaminants water can dispatch diseases like diarrhea, cholera, dysentery, typhoid, and polio. So you have more awareness of the maintenance of your water dispenser.

Although it is a simple mechanism and doesn’t require much effort to keep clean. But still, you need to be conscious – your water dispenser needs to clean regularly and sanity.


How often should you clean your fridge water dispenser?

I hope you find the importance of clean your water dispenser. Using good sanitation it is recommended to clean your water dispenser once every week.

But it also a good practice to clean each time daily. As we mentioned earlier it’s a simple mechanism and doesn’t require much effort to keep clean. So why not?

Besides, if you clean your water dispenser always it will decrease the average time to change your water filter.

If we don’t clean our water dispenser over a few months, then it’s simple to be dirty, jam and eventually, it’s required to replace the whole water filter. Which is a regular cost.

To get a hydrated life you should very careful to clean your water dispenser.

In the meanwhile, you might also be wondering to know how clean your water dispenser. No worry, we have covered here everything. Just keep reading from us periodically.


How to Clean a Water Dispenser

To clean your water dispenser, make sure you turn off the water supply to the dispenser. You may find a screw that holds the water supply pump and make it loosen with Philip’s screwdriver.

Afterward, slide the water tube turn it off. Now pour 3-4 cups of vinegar into the tube using a small funnel. Then set it upright by tab to its surface.

Now you have to make clear the vinegar out of the system. To do so, hold the tap of the water dispenser and keep holding until you see some vinegar coming out through the water tap.

Now connect the tube to the water tank again and wait to dispatch clean water. Make sure, there is no remaining vinegar available.

To clean your water spout, you can also use this vinegar as well.

Here are more details on How to clean a water dispenser


How often it’s required to change the water filter

If you think you never need to change your refrigerator’s water filter because you keep it clean all the time. Then you are in the wrong way.

To maintain the highest quality of water you have to replace your older water filter. It is recommended to change your water filter every six or twelve months.

If you can’t remain the last time when you changed the water filter. Then we have included some signs below. If you determine one of these, you have to replace the water filter shortly.

Signs of water filter should be changed

  1. Water or Ice dispenser smells is bad
  2. Refrigerator’s water or Ice tastes are bad
  3. Taking a long time to full a glass of water because of low pressure
  4. Your Ice maker not making Ice or slowly making bit Ice

How can I change my refrigerator’s water filter?

In the meanwhile, you got the point why you need to change your refrigerator’s water filter. You might now wonder to know how to change the refrigerator’s water filter. Right?

So let’s know how you can do so. Firstly keep in mind it depends on the brand and models of your refrigerator. But the good news for you. Manufacturers make it easy to access and replace the water filter and all of the refrigerators basic step is the same.

  1. Purchase a replacement water filter.

You may have a look at your fridge brand and model number then find a filter at the online market. You can also choose a filter from here (any water filter link from amazon)

  1. Find the water filter location on your refrigerator. Or you can search online through your brand and model number to find the location of your fridge’s water filter.
  2. it’s time to turn off your water supply. You might require to pull out your fridge from the wall to shut off the water supply.
  3. Remove the water filter. Depending on the model’s number it might be a bit different for you. Have a look if there is a release button if yes, then press this button to remove the filter.
  4. Just install the new filter on your fridge. Push the new filter just as opposed to how you removed it first.
  5. Get your water supply back and turn on the valve in position and push your fridge on the wall in its position.

If you still more wondering then we have more details regarding replacing your water filter.


If you want a hydrated life without worrying then you have to consider cleaning your refrigerator’s water filter every week. It is also good practice to clean daily. To get constantly pure and quality water you have to replace your water filter in six or twelve months.

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What happens if you don’t clean your refrigerator?

Answer: Regularly fridge cleaning and maintenance is so important. We overlook this process much time but it helps us to get healthy food without any contaminants. So we must have considered cleaning our refrigerator properly.


Is it worth getting a water dispenser refrigerator?

Answer: Everybody will look to get a water and ice dispenser fridge. But it slightly increases the consuming electricity ratio. But you don’t need to open the fridge numerous times. In that way, you can save power by long-running this appliance.

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