How does a heat pump resemble a refrigeration system?

Sometimes we got confused about which cooling system we should use in our house. It could be during change or renovating our home. Many people wondering which one they should purchase, heat pump or refrigeration. Because seems they’re working in the same way. In that case, they wondering to know how does a heat pump resemble a refrigerator system?

A heat pump resembles a refrigeration system in many ways – they both have their indoor fans, refrigerant and compressor, and copper coils. They both make the room cooler through remove heat from the room.

Before, we are going to describe how a heat pump resembles a refrigeration system. At first, I want to make clear what is heat pump and refrigeration. So it comes us handy to understand their working process.

Heat Pump

This is a device that’s able to provide your heating and cooling opportunity to your home. Using its technical process, the heat pump takes heat from the air and transfer it indoors or outdoor depending on how you setting up this machine.

Who lives in a very cold area they maybe not hear about the heat pump device yet. That’s because the old heat pump was unable to make enough heat from the environment to a room. But with recent technology it comes up more efficient, that’s able to make enough heat for a room during the colder session.


Every day, every time we use refrigeration at our home and offices. So we are very familiar with refrigeration. You can find it as an Air conditioner and refrigerator in the market.

This refrigeration system removes heat from a particular area. This system is based on the refrigeration cycle that works in a system states that the expansion of a liquid into a gas extract from the atmosphere.

Let’s have a look at

how a heat pump and refrigeration works

Refrigeration – working process

In general, refrigeration removes heat from a particular area. It’s a closed system.

In another word, the refrigeration system doesn’t have any outlet pump without the refrigerant. The only refrigeration system would give rise to leakage. That’s means, you can use refrigerant only one time. But through with closed refrigeration system the refrigerant system using recycled.

Refrigeration using a metering device that controls refrigerant flow and a compressor that compresses vapor. It comes up with low and high pressure (Evaporate is low pressure and condensing is high pressure)

The refrigerant process moves from the metering device to the evaporator. Then it takes heat from the atmosphere afterward, the heat causes the refrigerant to evaporate and changing to vapor.

That’s means vapor goes to the compressor. Then, the air goes to the condenser and the condenser moves the heat from the air. During this process, refrigerant vapor returns to the liquid state.

Besides, the liquid moves back to the metering device and works it as a loop that means it makes recycling.  And this cycling moves heat temperature from the room and in that case, we find our room in cold temperature.

And that’s how works refrigeration.

Heat pump – working process

As air conditioner is a common appliance to us. We might already know the working process of this appliance. If you are someone who still doesn’t know then calm. In general, air conditioners absorb heat from your room and simply move it to the outside.

Exactly, a heat pump does the same thing. But it’s more efficient than an air conditioner that’s all because the heat pump can also work in the reverse mode.

Especially we operate heat pump depending weather. During the colder session, it’s removed cold from the outside air and provides us heat air the indoor. In the summer session, we can use it as a reverse mode that should remove heat from indoor air and move it outside. This way, it’s more convincing to use getting lower temperatures during hot and hot temperatures during the cold session.

In the meanwhile, you may already be excited to know how it’s possible to remove heat even from the cool air. Is that right?

Well, first I want to let you know that heat energy present in every temperature and weather. And heat pump technology more efficient here to filter heat and transfer it to your room. Even recent advanced heat pump able to performing well in milder climates too.

But be sure, if it’s snowing on your atmosphere then your heat pump will not be able to make your room properly heat.

Now let’s drive to know, how does a heat pump resemble a refrigeration system

We know already, a heat pump resembles a refrigeration system in various ways. They’re working the same way in that case, they’re the same machine. The refrigeration system removes hot temperature from indoor to outdoor from the room.

In the opposed device, Refrigeration also doing the same thing. It removes hot temperature from our room and keeps this place cool.

Both devices remove heat from the air using the same parts such as compressor, cooper coils, fans, and refrigerant. Through ducts, the fans circulate cool temperature in the room.

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Seems the heat pump and refrigeration system and working process are very similar. Just the major difference between heat pump efficiency. It can provide you hot temperature during a colder session while the refrigeration system efficient less here. It can’t provide you hot temperature during the colder time. Just both appliances same in a cooling way while removing heat from the air.

We hope this article helps you to know how a heat pump resembles a refrigeration system. And the difference between heat pump refrigeration. You can also decide which appliance you should purchase and why.


What does a heat pump different from refrigeration?

Answer: A refrigeration system doing the cooling process through the evaporator and heat pump heat the external fluid through the condenser. The main difference between heat pumps can works in the reverse direction with cool and hot temperatures whatever you want.


How do I know if I have a heat pump at my home?

Answer: Very simple, just have a look at the control system and turn on the Heat afterward, once you feel the heat coming to your room then you have a heat pump!

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