Hisense mini fridge reviews and buying guide in 2020

To keep cold brew, late-night snacks and beverage items must you have an excellent mini-fridge. But due to too many sizes and configurations, it’s really hard to find the best mini-fridge. As “homecaren.com” tested and providing many appliance reviews. Just like before today, we came with “Hisense mini-fridge” which we found the best performing as mini-fridge. To investigate our full “Hisense mini fridge reviews” and decide the best one you are going to purchase today.

As we reviewed full-size refrigerators and you can store whatever you want here. But also you might hear, at the mini-fridge, you have bit limitation during storing foods. You can only store a chilling beverage or lunch for a couple of days. That’s all because a mini-fridge can many rarely counted perishable foods cold for a long time. And you have to store your meats, cut fruits, and dairy at under 400 F and max 320 F if you don’t want to go risk at all. That’s true. But we found freezer temperature at Hisense mini-fridge which offer 00 F. So you can use this mini fridge as your regular one. And that’s why this Hisense RT33D6BAE Compact Refrigerator is the best one from the other we have tested.

Use of mini fridge

If you are a traveler or love to enjoy van life even if you live in a tiny space then a mini-fridge is the perfect choice for you. Compared to a full-size refrigerator a mini-fridge is more advantageous than your stander one. Because they’re easy to move and you can use its anywhere whatever you want such as student dorms, tiny flats, motels, hotels, office, vans, etc. You can also enjoy your chilled time with your friends, relatives anywhere storing beverage items at Hisense mini-fridge.

Mini fridge size for college dorms room

We often find student’s dorm rooms becoming tiny spaces. And they have to share the room with one person or more. So you have to consider measuring your dorm room’s space first before buying one. Conventionally, a mini-fridge starting from 1.7 Cubic Feet up to 4.5 Cubic Feet. But this mini fridge came at 3.3 Cubic Feet size that is middle and perfect for any dorms room. It’s reliable and efficient for any tiny space, office, car, and hotel. Now take a look at why it’s perfect and we suggest.

Extremely Handy

Setup your mini-fridge to the perfect place where you find it’s extremely useful. It could be the place near to your desk to handy access your contents such as beverage and snacks items in it. Even this fridge can be a wonderful place for storing lunch as you might have a variety of foods. Off course its help you to save some monies as you don’t need to purchase beverage, snacks vending machine.


Let’s take a look at Hisense mini fridge’s features

Key features

  1. Stainless Steel
  2. Fridge and freezer
  3. Reversible doors
  4. Size: 21.5 x 18.7 x 33.7 inches
  5. Draw only 0.80 amps power

Stainless Steel

Maybe you have some bad experience using stainless steel appliance because it prints fingerprint during open door or access contents from the fridge. But it could be solved just using a bit of olive oil and wipe the fridge body. Currently, the use of stainless steel getting trend.

Because this appliance makes your kitchen spectacular and modern, sleek, and trendy. That’s the main reason this appliance still a top choice for many kitchen designers. It can be protected from fire, rust, heat. If your goal to have an appliance that should be long-lasting inside and outside then stainless steel is a better choice.

Reversible doors

This feature allows you to change the side that the door hinge on, but keep remember you have to check before you make a final decision. If you live in a tiny space or this fridge especially for your dorms room then it can make a bigger difference. It’s better thinking to purchase if you can’t measure the space at the moment or you need to move the fridge somewhere else.

Fridge and freezer

This Hisense mini-refrigerator came in both fridge and freezer compartments with 2.3 Cubic Feet fridge and1 cubic feet freezer space. Conventionally a fridge temperature is 400 F and a freezer temperature is 00 F. That means you can’t store perishable foods like meats at fridge temperature than you have to use this freezer section. But it’s only 1 cubic feet shelves. So consider the size during storing your perishable foods.

In another hand, you can perfectly use this fridge for your chilled time. It’s perfect and reliable to store beverage items and snacks.

Solar system

Just another awesome feature it’s coming up with a solar system. Although you can use your AC power 120-220V power source. But as its compact refrigerator sometimes you have to take it out of home, maybe in your garage, side of the road, fishing camping or on your van. Then the solar system efficient. You can connect this fridge to your vehicle battery and it will draw 0.80 amps little amount of power. And it extends your battery life. Also, it will not consume your last amount of battery charge. So nothing to worry about your vehicle battery.

Glass Shelves

It’s also coming up with glass shelves that awesome. Nowadays, everyone like to have glass shelves on their fridge. As it looking nice and transparent that makes easily recognizable content. Easy to clean but just you have little careful during clean up. You may simply wipe them. This mini fridge has only 2 glass shelves.

Energy Star

As refrigerator second large appliance for consuming power and it increases our electricity bills. So we have to consider energy to start the certified appliance. This mini fridge has energy start certified and it draw only 0.80 amps during running. But it required a triple amount of power during start-up first time that around 2.4 amps. So you have to consider a dedicated power outlet.

Just like other appliance, it has some pros and cons itself. Let’s take a look at them.

Hisense mini fridge Pros

  1. Interior LED light
  2. Energy certified
  3. Freezer and fridge temperature
  4. Cheaper price

Hisense mini fridge Cons

  1. No discount found
  2. Only 1 Cubic Feet freezer section


Buying guide

You have to consider some points before place an order. Don’t forget to measure the setup place, try to purchase a reversible door feature. Think if you need freezer compartments if you are ok with only the fridge section. And only you have to store some beverage items and some snacks then avoid the freezer feature. As we see, dual-mode not well-performing simultaneously but ok to go.


FAQ about Hisense mini fridge

Are mini-fridge worth it?

Answer: As it’s a small device and energy start. If you have the habit of opening your regular fridge several times shortly like take cool drinks. And just the same thing you do at your mini-fridge, it’s now reasonable to not performing well. Because it can’t hold cold like your stander fridge, so try to less time open your mini-fridge doors. In this way, that is not worth it.

Is the mini-refrigerator safe to use?

Answer: As we now start living with tiny space. We have to consider tiny devices as much as possible although it’s not for tiny space. Because the latest technology comes up with all of the essential features at a smaller device. The smaller appliance we find it efficient and reliable due to carry easy and energy-efficient. There is nothing to be worried about during the use of a mini-refrigerator.

Can you plug a mini-fridge into a regular outlet?

Answer: Just make sure the plug comes up with 3 prongs so you have to use it to your 3 prong supporter outlet. On the other hand, make sure the wire is strong and no other appliance using the same time from a single outside using multi-plug. Do not plug any fridge from the multi-plug it’s always required a single outlet and single appliance, especially for the fridge.

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