Haier wine refrigerator review and buying guide

As you came here to know about Haier wine refrigerator that means, you might be a wine lover. And maybe you are struggling to store your grocery items in your refrigerator due to the huge amount of wine bottles stacked.

If you serious and start collecting more wine and don’t have any cool place to store them. Then it’s time to get a wine refrigerator.

A common problem with our budget when it came to buying a proper wine refrigerator. Because, they’re not cheap and when you look online, you may find them all are the same. So when you decide to get an appliance on your home via spending a decent amount of money. Then it is simple to be worried about to know if that exactly works or not? Especially if you are willing to store something rare and much expensive.

That is what also happens for me and in my case, I order a Haier wine refrigerator and today I’m going to write the Haier wine refrigerator review. So it could save your time to pick up the best wine refrigerator. As you may also notice there are many manufactures and they making wine refrigerators and it’s confusing us to pick up the best one. So I suggest you just calm and let’s see how I get it efficient, reliable, and why.

Haier wine refrigerator features

Store your wins like a pro

Just store wins on this cooler and forgot. It will chill your favorite red and white vintages perfectly. It’s all credit goes under its compressor. Because this compressor used the latest cooling technology which offer san auto adjustable temperature.

As we know the compressor is a hart of a refrigerator, so this is the biggest part of the appliance’s parts. Compressor force pump that moves around the refrigerator through the system. So can you imagine this compressor how effect our whole refrigerator and how it’s important to working well? If this part not working correctly then it’s clear to say, your expensive drinks will decrease their life.

So I decided to check this compressor performance carefully and I found it’s pretty good and performing very well. No single issue was found on its compressor.


When we look at the design part. We found it very friendly and smart design. It’s appealable to match with any kitchen and room in your home. It’s really elegant and sleek. It came with awesome transparent reinforced glass doors. And this way, make its handy recognizable and accessible your favorite drinks. Door build with air-tight seal which technology ensure there is no noticeable weakness. This refrigerator cabinet ideal for use on the floor, the table even under the counter. That’s all bring your living or kitchen room unparalleled.

Control Panel

Conventionally we expect the control panel should be handy to operate. There is plenty of refrigerators come with different types of control panel and operating system. In that case, we must consider this convince top of our choose list during purchase. And in my case, I found this wine refrigerator’s control panel so friendly and handy. It’s coming up with a touch screen control panel located top-front side of this wine cooler. You don’t need to open the door to change the settings. No way to get away your cool air from your cooler during changing your suitable settings. You can simply turn on or of indoor LED light and adjust the temperature. It allows you to select the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Just choose how you want it to operate. Everything on your control.

ULTRA-QUIET cooling system

You might hear that during running a refrigerator it’s making little noise and it’s simple to do. Sometimes we found boring this sound our self, especially during our sleeping time. That’s why we are looking for something different if this fridge could run without noise? This wine refrigerator makes exactly based on our requirements.  This fridge used an Ultra-Quiet cooling system that only works to keep silent any appliance during running.


During decided to purchase an appliance to store rare and something expensive then the appliance’s capacity must in our consideration. On this wine cooler, you can keep 15 wine bottles which are the sustainable supply of drinks for your home, office, or chilling time.

When you keep your vintages on your regular fridge with groceries items, then it clear that you can’t store all bottles in the correct position. It is not so easy to store wines on any regular fridge because they have some rules to store correctly. And if you can’t correctly store your beers there is a great chance to damage them quickly.

You can check our guide “How to Store Beer Bottles in the Fridge

As it’s a wine refrigerator it came with chrome wine racks. Which is more comfortable to store wines correct position. You just need to store your beers in your style. It also allows storing your special beer bottle in a standing way.

Noting to be lost when you make the purchase. Because this premium wine cooling unit is backed by a 1-year quality complete satisfaction. You can rest assured that your storage of expensive beer will be safe and protective for years to come. That’s why nothing to lose here.

One thing we couldn’t lie to you. As we test and make the best appliance review just we got some downside and upside for this wine cooler too.

Upside and Downside of Haier wine cooler


  1. Touch screen control panel
  2. Noiseless cooling system
  3. Stainless Steel


  1. A tight budget required although it’s reasonable


Haier wine refrigerator Buying Guide

There are two little things you have to ask yourself before purchasing this fridge. First, are you serious to collect rare wines? Do you have a tight budget? If that answer is yes, you may go.



As we are going to depend on technology every day and living very smartly. Then we have to separate appliances for separate use. Such as kitchen refrigerator, wine cooler, van life cooler ETC. So if you don’t have a wine cooler today let’s check our experiment at Haier wine refrigerator.

Sound good? Let’s order your wine cooler and keep enjoy your chill time.



What is the best wine cooler refrigerator?

Answer: At present, many manufactures build fridges especially for wine storage. It’s tricky to know the best one without using the fridge. In that case, we use the Haier wine refrigerator and it makes us happy to say the best one ever.


Do wine coolers get as cold as a refrigerator?

Answer: we shouldn’t store our wine in the refrigerator because it could be damage to our expensive wines. Generally, refrigerator temperature is cold while a wine cooler. In that case, the wine cooler does not get cold as a refrigerator.

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