GE artistry refrigerator review and buying guide in 2020

In a modern family when it came to buy some appliance and refrigerator is one of them. Than we should need to sure all about the fridge which we are going to purchase and why it’s fit for us. Let’s check an out “GE ABE20EGHBS” artistry series. Which launched in the end of 2013 and it’s created by Tomas DeLuna. He designed it with an eye for retro style and affordability. You can purchase it at $1,199 and the price is definitely reasonable depending the design, features and performance.

This fridge has a large rounded metal handle and it’s reversible which make it outstanding. Also those handles are made via stainless steel, so it keep way your fingerprints. If your kitchen decorated by Harriet Nelson or Philippe Starck then it will perfectly works and perfect for your kitchen. It is considerably less expense from other retro products.

This one is not just awesome looks. It also trend as best bottom freezer today’s market. With its great features and supper performing really make it all that you can expect from your fridge.

Temperature Performance

It has 0-9 controlling knobs. Temperature retain a little under 37 degree F. While other most of fridge retain the temperature in average 36.21 degree F. to the top compartment and 36.8 degree for middle compartment. That mean, its great temperature for foods storage especially. And bottom temperature is 38.41 degree F. that make it better produce.

Although, the freezer was set to 5, then we got it bit warmer. Average top compartment 1.83 degree F. and bottom got up to 2.9 degree F. And one degree throughout the whole refrigerator is very good. Because standard fluctuation of just ±0.16°F. That is not a fault of freezer.

Design and Usability

The exterior design is unique but the interior is familiar. The unique design that came in Artistry fridge that is quite fine. The usability pretty much perfect especially for your grandparents. Because Horizontal chrome handles perfectly come back to near your grandparents and it make them easy to use. They’re placing at enough high so it don’t force us to stop during open and closing time.

It used an old-school GE logo near the top place and its break up the fridge’s door so it make a perfect balanced with this handle. The body considerably compared to a typical matte finish because of its high gloss black. And with chrome handles really make it looks awesome.

If you have many child then there is a good chance to appear smudges with very clearly depending your kitchen’s light how hits to the fridge. So if you really have many child then it’s better to keep some handy cleaner.

A great UPSIDE of every artistry appliance that, each of artistry series appliance came in white and black color also and “ABE20EGEWS” is white color fridge that can do a better job to hiding your fingerprints.

On the Interior top part enough customizable and conversely it’s not offer much customizable as half width ones at bottom freezer. Because the bottom freezer came with full width shelves but it’s still enough easy to clean include a light.

The bottom freezer used wire shelves so make sure your storage foods and vegetables shouldn’t be any smaller pcs if so it will drop through wire shelves. Top to bottom each section have plenty of doors to storage and supplement but no one adjustable.


Basically great job. There is nothing wrong with this fridge, although thermostat used 0-9 scale but that’s not stop the fridge from perfectly ideal temperatures. We test it through 5 settings for both compartments.

During our test, the freezer section got little warm but it was consistent throughout the compartments. IF you got this same issues, you have to change the freezer temperature to 6 or 7 instead of 5 and you will find every well.

The Crispers works excellent to retaining humidity despite there is no adjustable humidity slider. With energy star certified, the artistry really make an outstanding complete package with superior performance.


There is nothing much at feature section. You can adjust the temperature by controlling. And you will get a removable Ice maker but unfortunately there is no Ice dispenser.

Freezing & Thawing

In just one hour and 26 minutes the bottom freezer child room get down to 32 degree F. Until you setting any record it’s definitely well perform for beverage items. After 36 hours without power internal temperature only rose to 27.67 degree F.

Storage space and energy efficient

This fridge very reliable and efficient and suite. It came many shelves including three full width and two drawers and many buckets on the door. For a small family it’s enough for consumption, as it provide 10.98 usable cubic feet. The freezer section came with just single shelve but full width which is 4.62 usable cubic feet and its supper impressive for a bottom freezer. Also you will get an external Ice bucket which you can use to keep Ice or anything else whatever you want to store.

The most awesome part in this fridge that is supper energy efficient. And it’s require only 0.06 KWh for each cubic feet. That says, you need to pay only $29.22 per year as your electricity bill.

Buying guide

If you are really looking for a supper energy saver fridge, and make a new statement in your kitchen then you can use check out GE artistry refrigerator. If you have a small family or single person then this fridge is supper fit and perfect for you.


Is GE reliable refrigerator?

Answer: Yes, today’s world GE appliance is one of the most reliable and it provide best refrigerator and well known as best brand as well.

What is the best refrigerator for home use?

Answer: GE appliance always try to make something best for you. Their all appliance trend as very efficient and best performing especially their refrigerator. Best one ever we can see, GE artistry series you can check an out.

Is GE or LG better?

Answer: GE wins depending use of color and style and it used stainless steel black and white. Technology side both LG and GE energy efficient but LG used linear compressor which better interesting and silence during running.

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