Frigidaire FFHS2622MS Review in 2020

Frigidaire FFHS2622MSWhen it comes to buying a refrigerator, many of us just want something that is very reliable that will keep our food cool and frozen. The Frigidaire fridge does all of these things, but does it do anything on top of the basics? Read on to find out.

Frigidaire FFHS2622MS Detail Review


When it comes to the layout and design of the Frigidaire fridge, you get your fridge (16.5 cubic feet) on the right and your freezer (9.5 cubic feet) on the left. There’s also a fresh water dispenser as well as an ice maker (with the option for crushed or cubed ice available), which are always nice little bonus features to have in a refrigerator. The appliance is made from stainless steel and is fingerprint resistant, which means you can touch it without leaving evidence behind. The plastic bins also feel sturdy in their quality, and, if you are wondering, the appliance has a total capacity of 25.8 cubic feet.


There’s ample room in the Frigidaire FFHS22622MS, with 2 adjustable door bins, 2 fixed door bins, 3 shelves, 2 crisper drawers, 4 freezer compartments, and more. Frigidaire claims that there’s over 100 ways to customize and organize the refrigerator, which means that you are bound to find a set-up you are happy with through some good old experimentation over time. With that said, this is definitely an appliance that could be called a very flexible friend.

When it comes to other features in the Frigidaire fridge, there’s a Pure Air Ultra Air Filter that eliminates those nasty interior odors. The drawers also have their own humidity controls, which will help keep your fruit and vegetables fresh for a longer time. There’s also a colour coded temperature control, which is controlled by a total of five buttons inside the refrigerator. These controls allow you to set the temperature between –18 to –16 Celsius in the freezer and between 1 degree and 4 degrees Celsius in the refrigerator compartment. The three glass SpillSafe shelves are also a fantastic thing to have, as are the wheels for when you need to move the refrigerator if, say, you are cleaning behind it or you have clumsily dropped something down the back.

In a rather nice touch, the Frigidaire FFHS22622MS also puts the appliance into energy saving mode if the door isn’t opened for 24 hours. Whenever you do open the door, the interior light is nice and bright, which makes it very easy to find what you are looking for.

Conclusion :

All in all, the Frigidaire FFHS22622ms is a fantastic and attractive side-by-side refrigerator that has very little to complain about. The appliance comes with a standard one year warranty, although this can be extended to three years for an extra cost. It’s a feature filled and flexible appliance that also has excellent build quality, and is deserving of your attention if you are in the market looking for a new refrigerator. If you discover your fridge get bit noisy, don’t think it is very complicated issues. It is a very simple fix and ordinary to happen on your fridge in few month. Here you can check an out our guideline for a simple fixing of you noisy fridge shortly. How to fix noisy fridge. Thank you for reading my Frigidaire ffhs2622MS review, I hope it has helped.

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