French door vs side by side refrigerator

If you are looking to buy a new refrigerator that mean you’ve ruled up your regular refrigerator and move to new one which is bigger and at least little bit fancier. That mean, you might thinking about narrowed it down and it can be either a French door or a side by side models. Or if you want something sleek lines or general eye appeal then French door or side by side is perfect choose.

At side by side and French door refrigerator there is not too much difference inherently that make them better each to other. Even they don’t look worse but there is quite difference between them. So try to know how works each refrigerator’s functions before fall in love any. Because only this appliance can take your kitchen to next label.

In that case, we will cover all facility and difference between French door vs Side by side refrigerator at

The styles of refrigerators

Before jumping to specific new features, you should know type of various refrigerators via their shape. Mainly four types of refrigerator we can see. They are top freezer, bottom freezer, French door, side by side.

Top Freezer: Top freezer little inexpensive but we got it very limited in the features sections and also little lacking in the aesthetics department.

Bottom Freezer:  If you just imaging to reverse the top freezer then that’s all what you get in a bottom freezer. But the freezer section operate just like a normal drawer instead of a swinging doors.

Side by side: Fridge and freezer section put next to one another from top to bottom whole the unit. The door is slightly off-of-center because the side by side refrigerator slightly tall.

French door: refrigerator came in a bottom freezer and two door can be open from center out. Off course, it bring refrigerator to an elegant design.

Side by Side variations

All side by side refrigerator are almost same design. They only vary in height, width and depth. In our test, we got the freezer section in left and fridge section in right side.

French door variations

Currently from all of refrigerator we find most flexible to imaginative redesign at French door models.  Perhaps it’s popularity, brands, several number of arrangement compartments.

Think about your space

Side by side and French door both good picks for narrow kitchen as you don’t need to open full width door. Specific contents can easily accessible throughout specific door even you just need to swing out the door as far. French door obtainment more efficient during use because you can get contents out throughout just opening one door. Make a habit on this, so your fridge will not loss bigger could air once you open it. And your fridge don’t need to works hard to dispatch targeted cool temperature.

Depending the inside space of both French door and side by side models really make them aesthetics. For starter, French door offer little bigger space in the fridge section while side by side little smaller.

Off course, side by side refrigerator offer plenty of space in the freezer section. The vertically of the design give you many shelves to make them easier organization. Short term groceries can keep on the high which easy to reach shelves while leaving long time frozen goods down below.

In a French door, everything tends to pile up together that mean you need to bit down always to get things out from your French door refrigerator.

Consider performance

During testing over 5 years in refrigerator category, I found often side by side fridge have many struggled than any other category. I test a GE model with all its default setting from the main body’s top two shelves both return average temperature above 40 degree F.

But keep in mind, it’s not an uncommon issue at side by side model. This problem came from vertically design which allow you to fridge shelves that spans the full height of the refrigerator.

At side by side models consistent the temperature to shelves to shelves it little challenging due to air that colder sink to the bottom. Even it’s bigger issue in our tested GE model. Our heat map indicate almost all cold air staying at bottom just above crisper bin.

At other hand, French door fridge perform better then side by side but not as much you might expect. We found temperature run warm throughout the right door and it’s a common issues for all French door models. One thing noticeably that during run time we found top shelves warmer than the rest of the fridge. And it has above 40 degree F. using default setting. But just dialing down to the coldest setting this issues can be fixed which is not possible at side by side refrigerator.


French door vs side by side refrigerator Pros and Cons

French door

French door refrigerator currently tend as good, efficient and suitable appliance in the market. It came plenty of options to choose from.


  • It came with width compartment for foods and pizza box and baking trays.
  • Various size, finish and feature options.
  • All refrigerator items at eye label


  • Generally most expensive
  • Freezer section is smaller
  • In freezer (limited food organization)

Side by side refrigerator


  • Freezer contents much eye label
  • Freezer section is larger than French door
  • Generally less expensive


  • Narrow shelves space make bit issues for frozen pizzas
  • Require bending to access contents from freeze and freezer compartments
  • Temperatures in the fridge and freezer will vary more greatly from top to bottom


Buying guide

In the end, it’s all depend on your own preference. French door and Side by side both have pros and cons that we have cover in this article. Both will get job done when it came to keep foods cold.


Do French door refrigerators have more space than side by side?

Answer: Typically French door refrigerator has plenty of fridge compartment and on other hand side by side refrigerator has many freezer section.

Do French door refrigerator have more problem?

Answer: French door refrigerator tend to popular at today’s market. But this units are bit expensive to repair than other refrigerator units. Sometimes the bottom freezer not maintaining the temperature properly at default setting but it can be fixed throughout controlling the temperature.

Should I get a French door refrigerator?

Answer: French door model offer more room in your kitchen than a side by side fridge. You can access very easily to your contents via swing single door. And your fridge don’t need to get extra pressure to hold perfect temperature.

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