Best Under Counter Fridge Reviews and Buying Guide

In our modern life we obviously have a limited space at our home. That is not because of full sized heavy-duty appliances for our home.  In this way, normally we look to for appliance that will be conveniently fit into our tinny space. When it comes to buy a fridge most people face this dilemma. You can’t imagine to live without a fridge. So the fridge size must be in our Consider, for our dorms room, home and office. At this moment, many people searching best under counter fridge around the world. And wasting a good time but end of the day they couldn’t find the right appliance. Finding a perfect fridge with indoor and outdoor it’s really difficult. Many people don’t like to get an under counter fridge at all butit’s protect their foods and help to keep the original flavor and without doubt this fridge appeal a lot of space.

So today we are going to write an extensive guide for all the people who search of a right under counter fridge for various purposes. We analyzed best 5 top under counter fridge’s features and performance.


5 Best under counter fridge reviews

1. Avallon ABR241SGRH Under counter Refrigerator

You can use this fridge to save extra foods from the dinner tonight. It came up with easy and latest functioning. It is suitable and efficient for your dorms room, home and office but if panty is running it’s a hassle for you. Besides if you want to use it in commercial way, you can use it in bars and restaurant. It performing very well and does the job in short time and it’s an excellent product with great features depending the price. We recommend this product for you and don’t miss out this one. You can use it in various purpose, the interior and exterior design is sleek and smart. Surly it will perfect for your any types of use. Are you ready to order it?

Temperature: Temperature range from 340 F to 500 F. Built-in single-zoon unit.


  1. Double LED light in both side and its disperse all the exterior area
  2. It has a next label protecting system include a carbon filter


  1. Many consumer report its maintaining is bit hassle

Key Features

  • True key and lock
  • Stainless steel door
  • Touch control panel
  • Interior double LED light with white and blue option
  • Carbon filter used in protecting system
  • 3 Sanded glass shelves
  • Product Dimensions: 7 x 23.9 x 34.5 inches


2. RCA RFR835- Two Door Fridge and Freezer.

We found a black color refrigerator in our top five Best under counter fridge list. But it’s different from under counter refrigerator. If you are a person who not like black color then no worries, it’s has more two color available. You can choose the best one for your requirement. This fridge might be a small sized for you but it has a large capacity and can whole decent amount of foods and drinks. The thermostat bring this fridge to the next label to make it a under counter refrigerator. The thermostat is adjustable and so you are not limited with stander temperature like other fridge.

It has two door and make it more space so you can keep wide drinks and cherry whatever you want. It also came with built in can dispenser and able to whole two liter bottles.

Compressor: The compressor used latest technology which can works very efficiently without caring outside temperature. It can be best buy for you as it environmentally conscious because of its CFC free and less load in the environment.


  • No way to be scratches in the body and its resilient and durable
  • Built in can dispenser and two liter bottle can whole to the door basket
  • The manufacture has wide experience to build this types of fridge, so no way to go wrong with them


  • You might can’t consider this refrigerator as under counter refrigerator

Key Features

  • For – 2. RCA RFR835- Two Door Fridge and Freezer.
  • Fridge and freezer (Top door freezer and bottom door is freezer)
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Reversible Doors
  • Built in Can Dispenser
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 34 inches


3. Danby DAR044A6DDB Compaq Refrigerator

We found the best Danby under counter refrigerator we can consider it regarding the layout and its functionality. It came in different sizes and the smallest one is only 1.7 Cubic Feet. You can select the best one you need considering your consumption pattern. It used rubber-grip ergonomic chrome handle to the door and make it much easier to open and close the door. Indoor it came with two and half glass shelves which will carry your foods and drinks. Another best part of this fridge, it has a wide heart to store large water bottles and give you more convenience. The design really elegant, it’s a great excellent addition to your dorms room, living room or your office. It is perfect and suitable for your any types of uses.


  • This door came with a true key and lock feature, you can take way your drinks from your child.
  • It’s energy star certified, so it can really reduce your electricity bill
  • Scratches resistant system used in the body which mean you can use this fridge just in bit care like slightly clean. Nothing other maintains required.


  • The shelves used glass, so you need to make sure supper care about it.

Key Features

  • For – 3. Danby DAR044A6DDB Compaq Refrigerator
  • Rubber grip chrome ergonomic door handle
  • Glass Shelves
  • Interior white LED lighting
  • Door Lock feature
  • Product Dimensions: 21.3 x 20.75 x 33.07 inches
  • Capacity: 4.4 Cubic Feet


4. SABA 27-inch under counter Refrigerator.

If you still can’t selected the Best Compaq refrigerator yet then you may take a look on this specific model made by SABA. It has everything to be an ideal Compaq fridge. You can keep it anywhere home or garage or beside of way whatever you want as the size simple. And it has smooth wheels and make it very easier to transportation. Depending the size, features budget is reasonable you can’t denying. Although, capacity is small but it’s perfectly enough to store foods and drinks for two or three people. It is energy certified and it’s really save your electricity bill. Most of interesting part that the unit has self-closing doors, it’s really big benefit. Every part of this fridge can clean easily and body build in stainless steel that mean low maintain just your need to clean.


  • It keep your food and drinks totally fresh, and doesn’t take real taste way of your food and drinks
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • It’s energy star and no harms at indoor air quality


  • It create bit noise during run time

Key Features

  • For – 4. SABA 27-inch under counter Refrigerator.
  • 90 degree stay open feature
  • Easy cleaning for inside storage (Rounded Corner)
  • Used stainless steel
  • Installation Type: Under-Counter
  • Product Dimensions: 27″ wide x 29 1/2″ deep x 34″ tall


5. Danby DAR017A2BDD Compact All Refrigerator

Couldn’t find yet the right under counter refrigerator with conveniently fit all of your bottles? We just find another awesome one with and space is more than amazing. Manufacture confirm that this fridge is energy star and eco-friendly. Which make sure it’s reduce your electricity bill. Especially color and style make it a perfect Compaq fridge for office use. The biggest part of this fridge, it keep your drinks perfectly chill and fresh and nothing to worry during serving to your office staffs and someone else who came to visit you in the office. It used a mechanical thermostat and 1.5 wire shelves which give us enough store for storing drinks and foods. Surly this fridge full process and functionality overall everything will leave your staff, guest, family member impressed. Don’t delay anymore, once you keep this fridge on your office then surly you will never been to go back. Its offer 18 month long warranty. You can buy this one without any heisted.


  • This fridge comes with many colors and every color really looks nice and perfect for your office, home, dorms room
  • Whole unit accessible is very easy and big benefit for cleaning purpose.
  • The best part of this fridge, technology is very environment friendly. Off course, it’s a big benefit and very important for today’s world.


  • Sometimes, it can make bit noise during running, but it okay there is nothing to be unbearable.

Key Features

  • For – 5. Danby DAR017A2BDD Compact All Refrigerator
  • Certified Energy Start
  • Reversible door
  • Automatic defrost
  • Capacity :1.7 Cubic Feet
  • Product Dimensions: 20.06 x 17.69 x 20.06 inches


Consider this thing before buying best under counter fridge

  • See energy star certified. Off course you wouldn’t wonder to pay bigger amount of money for electricity bill.
  • Watch the temperature range, and see which one offer you a perfect temperature that you need. We suggest you an adjustable temperature fridge.
  • Indoor and Outside unit should be accessible for cleaning purpose. Keep in mind stainless steel body which low maintains.
  • Make sure the fridge you order it has lighting system to indoor place for your easy accessible.
  • If you want the fridge perfectly fit on your home then kindly consider the dimension and measure the counter.


  1. What is the best under counter refrigerator?

Answer: Many manufactures build especially under counter fridge but there is always a issues with quality. But we tested a lot and bring the best fridge list in front of you. You can read the feature and facility from above article.

  1. Do under counter fridges need ventilation?

Answer: Firstly the  under counter fridge need to be fit on your home, office, dorms room but still required a ventilation space. So consider this ventilation space when you set it here. It will make the fridge long durable and perfectly working power without an issues.


Final Verdict

if you are looking to get under counter fridge with simple and minimal and easy to move then we recommend “SABA 27-inch under counter Refrigerator.” for you.

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