Best Refrigerator Water Dispensers Buy in 2020 | Top 5 Picks

Best Refrigerator Water DispenserWe all know that the kitchen is the heart of a home. But what is the heart of the kitchen?

That’s easy: the refrigerator! But it doesn’t just store all of your groceries and foodstuffs. It does much more than that.

The refrigerators of today, especially, are equipped with a world of useful functions and features. From those, today, our focus is on the best refrigerator water dispensers.

Apart from producing fresh, clean drinking water on-demand, a dispenser can also encourage your family members to drink more water. Plus, the more advanced the dispenser is, the more it can do.

Learn more in our buying guide, and consider our top 5 picks of the best dispensers, reviewed below!

Best Refrigerator Water Dispenser Reviews 2020

There are numerous quality water dispensers out there. We’ve reviewed the best of them in here.

1. Kenmore 50043 Side-by-Side Refrigerator

Kenmore 50043 Side-by-Side RefrigeratorOur first pick is from a brand whose name is one of the most easily recognized in the world of home appliances. Having been in operation for nearly a century, Kenmore products are renowned, and this refrigerator proves why.

Offering 25 cubic feet of interior space, this side-by-side stainless steel refrigerator comes with a variety of storage options. You’ll love the adjustable gallon door bins on either side and the amply provided shelving, some of which are removable for your convenience.

There is a dedicated dairy shelf for storing milk, butter, and cheese, and there’s lots of space for your upright condiment bottles. Meanwhile, the crisper bin promises to keep your vegetables fresh and safe.

Now let’s move on to the main event: the water dispenser! Positioned externally, the Dual Pad water and ice dispenser deliver the water directly into your glass. The easily accessible water panel allows you to choose from crushed and cubed ice, and you can also lock/unlock the dispenser function with the press of a button.

Inside, the ice dispenser is housed within a transparent window that allows you to check the ice level with ease. And to help you find things that much more easily, the interior of the refrigerator is lit up by lots of bright LED lights.

While we love the ease and convenience of the ice/water dispenser, we do wish that the bracket for it was larger. Measuring 7.5 inches, it can accommodate most glasses, but you won’t be able to fit in larger containers such as pitchers. But if that’s not a problem for you, this is a great fridge overall!

Highlighted Features

  • Ample storage options including gallon door bins and dairy shelf
  • Height measurement to the water dispenser is 7.5 inches
  • Accessible control panel allows you to choose between crushed and cubed ice
  • Interior LED lights help you find your way with ease

2. Samsung RF260BEAESR 26 cu.ft. French Door Refrigerator

Samsung RF260BEAESR 26 cu.ft. French Door RefrigeratorAlthough they are known more for their smartphones and entertainment units than anything else, Samsung has proven itself to be a highly efficient and competitive manufacturer of refrigerators. In fact, their fridges are some of the most sought-after, and this French-Door one is no exception.

First, let’s see how this thing fares as a refrigerator: beautifully! Stacked with storage options inside both French doors, this fridge will allow you to store vegetables, condiments, drinks, dishes, or what-have-you with superior ease. Equipped with gallon door bins and six large shelves, this fridge also comes with two spacious crisper bins.

Below the refrigerator doors is a large bottom freezer, which has been divided into convenient compartments that allow you to store your choices of protein effortlessly. The freezer drawer slides out easily thanks to the large and hefty curved handle, which can also be found on the refrigerator doors.

What’s more, this guy comes fitted with Samsung’s powerful and precise Twin Cooling system, which makes use of two independent evaporators that handle the cooling of the freezer and fridge separately. For all intents and purposes, this is a refrigerator that will easily become an essential part of your home.

As for the water dispenser, the model we are reviewing has it placed inside. It’s a small water dispenser, not meant for heavy-duty use. Thankfully, if that doesn’t appeal to you, you can choose to get an external dispenser fitted. However, this will add significantly to the price tag, so choose wisely!

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in stainless steel, black and white options
  • French double-door design with spacious bottom freezer
  • Interior LED lights provide illumination for the user
  • Internal water dispenser produces clean, fresh water
  • Large curved handles make for easy accessibility

3. Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36 Inch French Door Refrigerator

Frigidaire FFHB2750TS 36 Inch French Door RefrigeratorIf you know anything at all about home appliances, chances are you have heard of, or own, products by Frigidaire. Established over a century ago, this is a brand responsible for some of the most high-performing refrigerators on the market. Let’s see what this one has to offer.

Similar to our last pick, this Frigidaire refrigerator is also in the French door style. The doors swing forward to reveal gallon bins and door shelving, where you will be able to store anything from condiments to beverage containers with ease.

Beyond the doors are two sets of three edge-to-edge shelves, which are all removable to allow you maximum autonomy over space organization. Sitting below the shelves are two amply sized crisper bins, which will keep your fruits and vegetables feeling almost like new.

Below that is located the pull-out bottom freezer drawer, which is generously sized to accommodate your beef, chicken, fish, or other frozen foods. Together, the refrigerator and freezer offer a capacity of 26.8 cubic feet.

The ice and water dispenser on this refrigerator is, without a doubt, one of our favorites. Located externally, it comes with a commodious bracket that will easily house your water glasses. The sleek and accessible control panel that allows you to manipulate the temperature of the water.

What’s more, the water dispenser for this fridge comes with one of the most powerful and efficient filters we have seen. The PureSource Ultra II is capable of removing nearly 100% of all lead and cysts from your drinking water. Yes, it’s true that this is an expensive fridge, but we hope you can begin to understand just why that is!

Highlighted Features

  • The water dispenser is fitted with the powerful PureSource UltraII filter
  • End-to-end shelves allow you more storage space
  • Equipped with convenient full-extension sliding freezer doors
  • Offers the option of enabling a second ice maker

4. Smad 36″ Side by Side Refrigerator with Automatic Ice Maker and Water Dispenser

Smad 36 inch Side by Side Refrigerator with Automatic Ice Maker and Water DispenserAfter so many big-name brands, we have selected for our penultimate pick this affordable yet fully equipped side by side fridge from Smad. Although they are a young company, they have much to offer–let’s see how that manifests in this refrigerator.

Constructed from stainless steel, this fridge looks elegant yet to-the-point. When you swing the stately side-by-side doors outwards, you get a beautiful array of storage options, starting from adjustable glass shelves to door trays. The double crisper drawers are controlled for humidity using a unique system that recycles accumulated evaporated water.

What we like about the ice/water dispenser that comes with this fridge is that it’s very to-the-point. You can easily switch between water and ice (crushed or cubed). Plus, it seems that the manufacturers understand the importance of including a large bracket for you to situate your glass in. Inside the doors is the ice maker, which is quite easy to operate.

This refrigerator might not come furnished with a whole bunch of features, but it’s still quite an impressive unit, especially given its price. Plus, it has a few tricks up its sleeve, such as the integration of inverter technology and efficient cooling/freezing functions. If you’re looking for a reliable refrigerator with a water dispenser and you don’t require fancy functionality, then this is a great place to start!

Highlighted Features

  • Equipped with numerous storage options inside side-by-side doors
  • Integrated water filter ensures your ice and drinking water are fresh and clean
  • Has a capacity of 26 cubic feet combined in all of its storage options
  • Ice maker automatically produces up to 4 pounds of ice in one day
  • Crisper drawers are humidity-controlled for the ideal temperature

5. LG LFXS28596D 28 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless InstaView Door-in-Door French Door Refrigerator

LG LFXS28596D 28 Cu. Ft. Black Stainless InstaView Door-in-Door French Door RefrigeratorFor our final pick, today is from LG. This refrigerator is filled to the brim with special features and abilities, and it also has smart capabilities. These factors combined make this the most expensive fridge on our list, so proceed accordingly!

First, let’s have a look at some basic specifications. This LG door-in-door fridge offers a capacity of 28 cubic feet, which is housed inside a style similar to the French-door fridges we’ve already reviewed today. Its bottom freezer, in a similar fashion, must be drawn out to reveal the contents within.

But the highlight of this fridge seems to be the door-in-door feature: a sleek glass panel that allows you to peek the contents inside the right door; all you have to do is tap on the glass to turn the internal lights on.

Our favorite thing about this unit, though, is undoubtedly its external water dispenser. It has a well-designed control panel that allows you to set the water temperature, with a cavernous bracket that will accept glasses as well as pitchers. And the filter is of exceptionally high quality (it should be, given the price!), which is never a bad thing.

Finally, for the tech-savvy among you, the fridge’s smart capabilities will blow your mind. Used in conjunction with the LG ThinQ app (which is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant), it allows you to control key features from your smartphone. Is there anything this fridge can’t do? We doubt it!

Highlighted Features

  • Highly customizable water/ice dispenser with large bracket space
  • Door-in-door feature allows you to view fridge contents from outside
  • Integration of LG’s ThinQ app allows you superior control using your smartphone
  • PrintProof finish keeps the fridge surface protected from unsightly smudges
  • Comes in three stylish and modern stainless steel finishes

Buying Guide For Refrigerator Water Dispenser

Not all refrigerator water dispensers are the same. So choose the right dispenser depending on your particular needs and circumstances, keeping the following factors in mind before purchasing.

Note: Since the purpose of our article is to acquaint you with the best refrigerators with water dispensers, in our buying guide below, we have focused only on the aspects of the water dispenser.


If you’ve already gone through our refrigerator reviews, you will have noticed that the position of the water dispenser varies. While some are located inside the refrigerator, some are built externally into one of the refrigerator doors. So which position is right for you?

If you mainly get your drinking water from a faucet or filter, or if your household members prefer bottled water, then an internal water dispenser should work for you. On the flip side, for some of you, the ice/water dispenser is one of the most important components of their new potential fridge. If that sounds like you, go for a fridge with an external water dispenser.

It’s also worth noting that internal dispensers take up a lot less space, whereas external ones are typically possible at the expense of storage space within the refrigerator. So, space considerations also play into this factor. That brings us to our next point.

Bracket Size

Just how frequently will you be making use of your refrigerator’s water dispenser? The answer to this question should determine what size the dispenser should be. Thankfully, you have a very wide range of options.

For example, water dispensers with taller/wider brackets are obviously preferred if you’ll be using large pitchers, tall glasses, or spacious water bottles. However, a larger space dedicated to the dispenser translates to less storage space inside the refrigerator itself.

Water Filter Quality

Refrigerator water dispensers have a filtration component that cleanses and decontaminates your drinking water for you before releasing it. But you have to keep in mind that not all filters are created equal.

That said, a less powerful filter is acceptable if your local water supply is already clean enough. But if your water supply comes from a lake, for example, you will need a much more efficient filter that will be able to eliminate a higher number of contaminants, e.g., pesticides and trace pharmaceuticals.

Additional Functions

What many consumers might not know about the water dispensers of modern refrigerators is this: it’s not just cold drinking water that they’re capable of producing! Some dispensers are not only able to produce hot water as well as cold, but give you the option of setting the temperature.

What’s more, some refrigerators even come with in-built coffee makers, which produce hot coffee directly through the water dispenser. Meanwhile, some dispensers have an auto-fill function, which uses a motion dispenser to detect when a container has been placed in the bracket. Of course, a fridge with such a dispenser will set you back significantly; high tech ain’t cheap!

Beyond your budget, the more important consideration is whether you think you need so many additional features. You might be drawn in by the appeal of a multi-functioning refrigerator at first, only to end up not using the extra features much down the line.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I really need a water dispenser in my refrigerator?

If clean and fresh drinking water is something you crave, a high-quality fridge water dispenser can give you exactly that. However, a water dispenser does increase the refrigerator’s overall price.

2. Is it safe to drink water from a refrigerator dispenser?

Yes–dispensers have a filter in place to decontaminate water before serving it. The strength of the filter matters, though. If your existing water supply is unsafe to drink, you’ll need a more powerful water filter.

3. How frequently does the filter of my fridge’s water dispenser need to be changed?

Most filters for refrigerator water dispensers need to be replaced after every 200-250 gallons (or as specified in the user manual). This can take anywhere between 4-6 months, depending on your household drinking water intake.

4. How often should I clean my refrigerator’s water dispenser?

This might seem extreme, but we recommend cleaning the water dispenser’s nozzle once every 7-10 days. Otherwise, you risk icky limescale build-up!

5. Why did my refrigerator water dispenser stop working?

First, check the inlet valve; if it’s faulty, then you’ll need to replace it or get it fixed. If the water pressure in your home is too low, that can also cause your water dispenser to stop working.


Clearly, there is no shortage of the best refrigerator water dispensers on the market. But remember, what makes it the “best” depends entirely on your particular expectations from your fridge’s water dispenser.

Above all, remember that refrigerators are the heart of the kitchen and a crucial part of your daily life. So do your research carefully, because fridges ain’t cheap! Good luck!

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