Best Mini Fridge for Beer Bottles Review and Buying Guides

If you never been imagine getting a fridge especially for beer bottles. In that case, you are welcome here. Let’s take your home and kitchen to a next label with a beverage refrigerator. First take a look facility of a beverage refrigerator and get a taste of its, surely you will never been to go back. But we always try to get best appliances at all. We will let you know how to get Best mini fridge for beer bottles with a full buying guide.

5 Best Mini Fridge for Beet Bottles Review

1. Danby 120 Can Beverage Center

Danby designed a fantastic fridge with a classic black finish also enough tall and sleek. It can whole 120 cans which should be enough beer cold.

This mini fridge used the latest technology thermoset. It’s easily controlled itself just set it and forgot. When you open this fridge door it will looks more attractive itself for blue glow LED light inside of it. If this feature make you awesome then you can flick a switch and have this LED light for all the times. It’s really effective when it’s in dark.

When you have a limited space then the door can be hung in left or right side more whatever you want. So it’s really useful if the space is limited for you.

If you want to keep safe your children from beer you can do so. The door came with lock and key feature also any beer stealer can be deterred. The handle will hide until it unlocked.

You can store different size of beer bottles, it has also 3 wire comportments with adjust depending your beer sizes.


Dimension-33.70″ x 17.87″ x 19.75″.

Temperature range – 430 F to 570 F.

Cubic Capacity- 3.3 ft3

Materials- Stainless steel and tempered glass


  • We find 18 month manufacture warranty
  • Enough large capacity, can whole 120 bottles
  • Low power consume and lock features using key
  • Compartments can be setup with adjustable height depending sizes of bottles
  • Efficient and suitable for under counter


  • Wire compartments can make it difficult to stand bottles
  • It’s slightly large depending the cooler



2. RCA IGLOO Mini Refrigerator

If you looking to get a traditional fridge but just small then this RCA LGOO Mini Refrigerator worthy in consideration.

The lgloo is brand specialist for beverage fridges maker. It’s also integrated with freezer. It’s perfect to keep cocktails. Sometimes you might want to keep some child foods together then this also works.

It came many cool colors although it’s seems like a regular fridge. It’s also suitable and efficient to keep it corner of an office to keep some Drinks and lunch boxes or student’s dorm room. Can be works as mini fridge for student dorm.

Its shelves used tempered glass and can be adjust to different sizes also very easy to clean as well.

It’s has a next generation compressor. Keep monitoring at contents and temperature also care about how it’s gets hot outside.

It’s worthy to love for its tempered glass shelves. If you choose this for beer fridge it can whole 40-50 bottles easily.



Dimensions: 32″ x 18″ x 20″

Temperature Control: 1-7 Adjustable Dial

Cubic Capacity: 3.2ft3

Materials: Stainless steel


  • We find 1 year parts warranty, 90 days parts and labor
  • Quite perfect for little bit foods and beverage.
  • Also perfect at a limited space area.
  • Easy to clean tempered glass shelves.
  • To control temperature it is simple to operate via Dial.
  • Dual modes integrate with freezer, dispenser available also.


  • The freezer isn’t frost free
  • The door is solid but not the door as other’s beer mini fridge.


 3. NewAir Beverage Fridge in Stainless Steel

When you ready Drinks for Drinking. Many people like to have Drinks at almost freezing but colder is better. They really like to get there beer or soda bit frosty around edge of Drinks. Unfortunately end of the day most of beer fridge failed to get this job done due to haven’t powerful compressors.

In this case NewAir mini fridge is here which can bit better down to a chilly 34 degrees on your beer. So this one is better option for you. When your mini fridge at full capacity then keep in mind, your fridge will affect the unit’s ability to keep the temperature. Unfortunately it’s a common issues to all mini fridges. So keep it remember when you make your decision final.

Although, this fridge is absolutely fine to keep plenty of cans that is the higher cans capacity models make itself out of there.

It has five adjustable shelves, you can set them at your suitable height so you put various sizes of cans and also two liters soda bottle as well.

The most one fantastic feature is that, you never know if this fridge compressor working because it’s supper quite when it works. Also the size is perfect for all places, you can put it any kitchen or highway or at your garage.

You need to keep in mind one thing that this venting unit is so rear in the market. So try to keep always clean the whole fridge. And never set the temperature high for long time. You can keep the temperature medium always to increase the venting unit life. If you put it underneath a counter it will create pressure to the compressor and lead to warmer temperature inside.


Dimensions19 x 18.2 x 33.1 inches


  • Hold plenty of cans
  • Used glass door, you can see inside without open door
  • Materials build in stainless steel
  • Can make colder around 34 degree F.
  • Offer removable racks for custom storage
  • It operate at 45 dB, supper quite
  • Suitable and efficient handles which make it easy to open
  • Built in LED light inside of this fridge, you can see what inside


  • If you set coldest setting, unit may have difficulty
  • No lock feature


4. Kalamera 24” Beverage Refrigerator

This kalamera 24” Beverage fridge can contain up to 175 Pcs drinks and give you a freestanding touch control. You can use it for home brewing or just store your beers. It’s has also a clean transparent glass in the front side so you can see what inside which really amazing.

The blue LED lighting make it supper elegant design and never make bit extra hit inside of the fridge.

It’s used advanced technology at compressor and it can guess the exact temperature once the power disconnect and when power On again, it constantly run the same temperature what was just before. So no worry about your beers taste and flavor.

This fridge has also removable racks, so that you can easily put any cans, beers, folder you might have. And the compressor really quite no noise you will heard.

As it used an advanced technology to the compressor it’s slightly make the price quite high but it expectable at overall quality and configuration so.

In the recreation center were people playing sports like basketball this fridge can decent works here. After playing we lost out physical activity and all we know only Drinks can get back our activities again back in to play. I believe if this device set in this sports place the business will must be befit and profitable. Also easy to see what inside as it used clear glass in front end.

It also can set any corner of office. When employer take breaks then they can easily take beverage whatever they want.


Dimensions22.4 x 23.4 x 33 inches


  • Build in tempered glass in front of fridge. You can see what inside without open
  • Compressor used advanced technology, supper quite, no noise
  • Decent amount of beverage can contain
  • Elegant design with blue LED light inside
  • Able to run previous temperature once it turn Off and On


  • It’s really slightly high prices


5. Phiestina PH-CBR100 fridge review

The Phiestina came with extra space where you can put 106 cans in glass door beverage cooler. This mini fridge is so quite then other mini beverage cooler. And it can be fit any types of place.

Included 6 removable shelves which can allow you to keep your drinks, cans on a sideway storage styles. A brilliant adjustment of the thermostat can go 38 degree all the way to 50 degree F.

The blue LED light bring this fridge to next label. It’s make unique design and can also save energy at night.

This unique stainless steel fridge really suitable for any kinds of dorm rooms, kitchen, or your home brewing as well.

At all it’s a simple and effective beverage cooler. We liked the digital thermostat controlling systems and the blue LED light feature. The temperature range is 38-50 Degree, so you can surly keep your Drinks cold all the time. Depending the price it’s really excellent features and sizes. You can buy its right now.


Dimensions: 22.8 x 15.6 x 33.1 inches

Weight: 72.8 pounds


  • Plenty of cans can hold up to 106 pcs
  • Can be fit anywhere as it very slimmer designed
  • Quite compressor when its working
  • A good temperature range, 38-50 degree
  • Six removable shelves
  • Saving your energy
  • Make a soft visibility with BLUE LED Light
  • Digital thermostat


  • The exterior can get hot but very rear case
  • Door is not reversible


Consider some of points before purchasing a Best mini fridge for beer bottles

  1. At first you have to take a look on the budget that you have ability to invest for purchasing a beverage fridge. Stop to looking about fridge features until you decided the amount of minimal invest. Neither will it stop you to getting the right appliance for you because of the money.
  2. Then measure the area where you would like to place the refrigerator cupboard. Especially if you want to get a under counter beer fridge, take care about the height, wide, and depth or on top of counter.
  3. Try to set your fridge where sun can’t shine the pace.

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What is the best mini fridge for beer bottles?

Answer: List of best mini beer fridge
Best Overall: NewAir Beverage Refrigerator and Cooler
Best Compact: PhiestinaExtreme Cool Beverage Center
Best for Parties: Danby Beverage Center.
Best for Beer and Wine: Lanbo Wine and Beverage Cooler.

How many beer bottles fit in a mini fridge?

Answer: There is tons of mini fridge made by various manufactures. And every fridge can hold decent amounts of beverage. Sometimes they can contain 70-250 PCS Drinks and sodas as well.

How long does beer keep in the fridge?

Answer: In generally every beers comes up with an expiration date in the label at bottles which is around 6-9 month only. But when you keep them in a beer fridge it can be lasting more than 2 years. So far.

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