Best fridge for van life Review and Buying Guide 2020

best fridge for van lifeWhen we leave our home and driven our actual life to a Van Life, then we should select a basic life style at least for a limited space in our Van. But we should take care about our most of important thing like foods, cloth. As you not sure where you will sleep every day as it’s a moving life actually. You must consider a Best Fridge for your Van life, to keep your frozen foods.

Recently we have tested 5 fridge which is affordable and perfect for a van life.

5 Best Fridge for van life

1. ACOPOWER LiONCooler X40A Rechargeable Solar Fridge Freezer

ACOPOWER is an American company who making cooling electronic for long time. I can guaranteed you can find a best quality fridge and freezer from them.

As this is a portable product it’s supper easy to move whenever you go, it comes up with a large moveable wheels, and it’s very comfortable to hold. This model comes up with dual mode fridge and freezer. Also inside this fridge there is features that allow you to control temperature. You can carry total 40 liters on its.

The most easy and fun part is that, it has a mobile app. You can control remotely all from your phone via installing their app. Also no worry about fluoride affected because this product have a feature called fluoride-insulation.

It’s came with fast charging battery and long lasting to be discharged. You are also able to connect this battery to solar panel.

Main reason to be best this product?

This product offer dual mode fridge and freezer. So you can put your foods to freeze mode and medicine at fridge.


  • It’s save power and make the battery long lasting.
  • Easy to move whatever as it’s a portable product.


  • It’s can’t run dual mode fridge and freezer together.


2.COSTWAY Car Refrigerator, 55-Quart Portable Compressor Freezer.

 If you are fans of drinks then you may consider this fridge. It’s comes up with large number of drinks hold ability that is 52 Liters.  Also it has plenty of compartments where you can keep food and snacks. This fridge preferable to use at home, camping fishing or your van. Medicine and cosmetic required constant temperature, you can choose appropriate temperature on it. In our test this fridge done well perform at harsh conditions.

It’s used latest technology at cooling compressor and it’s done very well perform even in the bad road condition. Its gain 32o F from 900 F during only 30 minutes, so far. This product has eco and max mode, you can use ECO mode for saving energy and max mode for faster cooling process. Keep in mind max mode will decrees your battery life in short time.

Although there is 3 types of battery label, they are low, medium and high. It can be works for your various needs. There is also a digital LCD display where you can see current temperature and command for your prefer one. The operation is very easy just you need to see the manufacture’s little user manual.



  • Cheaper than the other.
  • Build In electronic temperature control panel.
  • The cooling system used latest fast cooling technology.
  • Highest portable fridge at low cost.


  • Warranty is not found for this product.
  • Size is little bit larger than the other portable fridge.


3. Alpicool C15

Do you loves beer and want to keep it cool when you are outdoor trip? And keep freezer your frozen foods as well. Alpicool C15 is a great choose it came in portable version. This fridge are suitable for homes, vans and well perform with solar panel. It can be cool around -4oF.

In this fridge it came two portable handles on both side which is easy to move whatever you want. It’s also came with double protective resistant vibration design while you are driving. It’s allow you to run at 450 angels without any risk. You will get a digital control panel to manage temperatures.

ECO and HH both modes able to run this compressor with adjustable temperature. Whatever you are going to any long journey, picnic, fish camping for a month. This fridge can help you to keep cool and good your drinks and frozen foods.

Its support 12V-24V car battery to be powered also you can powered it directly from your home electricity board 110-220V AC. Moreover, when you powered your car battery then we have 3 labels of protection systems which help your vehicle to remain charged without going down. When you are in high way it’s perfectly able to hit and its great time for adventure? Let’s check an out this Alpicool C15.



  • This is the cheapest compressor on the market.
  • It’s able to be cool like -40 F, which fair enough.
  • It can be run at 450 Angel, biggest facilities from all other portable fridge.
  • The control panel is digital with electronic readouts.
  • Build in WI-FI technology that can be control temperature via remotely.


  • Do not use a strong compressor like Danfoos.
  • Don’t have dual-zone facilities.


4. ARB 10800472

The ARB able to keep cools your drinks and food all the time even when your car is turn off. When the temperature get above from the setting, than the digital thermostat help to compressor to make refresh the contents.

This fridge battery protection system able to sip your vehicle battery power when your vehicle is off. Without draining your battery in short time this fridge can keep your drinks and foods cool.

The 50 quarter fridge able to run sub frizzing temperature at only 0.87 amp per hour from 12 DC battery. Even a headlamp can consume more power from this fridge at sub frizzing modes. So it’s able to consume the last amount of power from your battery while other models are not, as they need bigger amount of power. For a small group, this ARB fridge 50 quarter model is suitable. It is also suitable to use at medium to large sizes SUVs, pickup, tracks, and vans ETC whatever you want. It build with various size of compartments. The main compartment size is 13.27” deep, 11.22” wide and height is 15.79” and other one is dairy compartment is 5.95” deep, 11.22” wide high is 8.11”. It can whole up to 72 12-ounce cans and two liter soda bottle.

All ARB refrigerator made them easy especially for travelers and off road driven in mind. And it came with a supper easy to access system to the content of this ARB models. At extreme angel ARB fridge can be mounted up to 300 without affecting his operation.

Its offer two kinds of power cords, the DC power cord connect to your vehicle to be charging and another is AC 110-220 Volt. That mean, when you are in home or your destination you can use your electric board to charge this battery smoothly. When this fridge is not in use and turn off then there is an integrated cable retention system to keep the power cord neat until the fridge is turn on. So there is no additional transform between fridge and battery, no need to worry about that.

With any kinds of refrigerators it is required to maintain the power source and charging cable quality. If the voltage dropped some reason then surely it can be harmful for your fridge’s internal components. It is fairly recommended to maintain the quality of your power and cable to increase the product life and keep it long durable.



  • Very low power consume less than a headlamp, 50 quarter fridge consume only 0.87 Amp per hour.
  • It can be cool lower 0 degree and hot 90 degree.
  • We found 3 years warranty, so far.
  • Build in Danfoss Compressor.
  • The control panel in the front with bright LED display.
  • Dairy and Fruits two separate compartments.


  • The fridge and freezer dual modes can’t be run in the same times.
  • We found some reviews says this temperature is not consist. Best solution to use your own thermometer.


5. Domestic CFX28

The domestic refrigerator came in dual modes fridge and freezer. Its compressor have an excellent cooling performance even in extreme ambient temperature at very low power consumption. This one can use fridge and freezer standardly without a single issues.

High-Tech CFX fridge came with much responsible features such as stainless steel, reinforced corners, and robust lid lining that can serve most of demanding of loads.

Remarkably lightweight is easy to carry and the models CFX 35W to CFX 100W offer you to control and monitoring them via WI-FI app. Keep in mind during purchase CFX 28W and CFX 65Dz not provide the WI-FI monitoring system via app.

Its efficient and suitable for deep freezing up to -7o F without Ice, if you need to make ice you can do so at -22o F. We are all operate them from 12V-24V DC vehicle or directly from our home or destination electric source at 110-220V AC. Using two AC/DC cords build in power source cable.

CFX special to make always digital temperature display electronic. Which is suitable and efficient at the operations. It has a USB port to charge other small electronic device like your smart phone. It used drain plugin which make it easy to keep clean. It’s also have built in indoor energy light which is extremely energy saving and suitable to constant operations with a solar panel as well. When the system is off the memory keep temperature present.

This one is perfect for any kinds of RV, car, truck, vans, boot ETC. There is also an indoor wire basket which can be remove. You can use it whatever you want with multiple power source availability.



  • It consume very low power just like a mobile phone.
  • It can be cool at up to -7o F.
  • Built in electronic thermostat with LED lighting.
  • Built in Danfoss strong compressor
  • You get a USB port for charge small electronic devices.
  • Dual modes technology fridge and freezer.
  • WI-FI enable which allow you to monitor fridge from an Application.


  • Only two year warranty which is lower than similar portable fridge.
  • Price is bit higher.



We have listed all positive and negative side of best 5 fridge in this articles. You can surely get help to How to choose best van life fridge.


Frequently ask question

1. Can you put a fridge in a van?

Answer: Yes, the above all fridge suitable to put in a van. Because they are smaller came with solar panel and powered from your vehicle. You can use it on any van efficiently without having any issues.

2. How can I powered the fridge in a van?

Answer: Surely you can do, this above all fridge allow you to charge using DC cord which you can adjust on your van battery and your fridge can get charged. Besides this all are Best van life fridge came with double power cord which mean you can powered your fridge while you are at home or destination directly from your electricity board.

3. What is the best fridge for a campervan?

Answer: In our test Domestic CFX28 is best for your campervan. As it’s consume very low power and have dual modes fridge and freezer. You can choose this one and get double benefit.

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